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Designing for Reliability and Resilience

In our home market of South East Florida, I'm constantly reminded that hurricane season is the event that separates the good designs from the weak ones.  My company has earned a solid reputation for being mindful to the extreme weather events that seem to be more and more common.  We can and should design to accommodate this nature of the world we live in. We specify antenna structures that have 150 MPH or even 200 MPH wind survival ratings. The importance factor of the SCADA system you are building should drive which wind survival rating you choose.  The entire system must be considered to not limit the equipment survival to the weakest link. This means the antenna, the coaxial transmission line, the antenna support structure / tower, the RTU cabinet and any other portion of the system that could become damaged in a water or a wind event.  For example the coaxial cable if not secured could become damaged in a wind event. This would most likely take this RTU off the air from reliable communications.

We take great pride in our experience in the field of design of SCADA radio networks.  We have an arsenal of high reliability radio hardware that gets the SCADA messages through the network with the highest reliability.  From the actual radio itself, through the antenna system.  We are regularly hired to provide specialized RF consulting to some of the largest SCADA radio networks projects in the United States. 
If you have any questions or a specific project or an application you would like to discuss, please feel free to call on me, Mark Lavallee.  I enjoy sharing my 30 years of experience and knowledge.  Our company is often used to sub consult with consultants, assist controls system integrators, and work with the end users directly.

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